Planning Data Science Events with Timelines

Authors: Reshama Shaikh

Planning Data Science Events

Recently, I solidified a spreadsheet with key milestone dates for planning steps leading up the main event, including pre- and post-event tasks. This resource is built on the experience of organizing dozens of workshops over the years in data science.


  • F1: Event Date: this is the anchor field which lists the day of the main event
  • Task: add a list of key tasks, or more detailed steps for work leading up to the event
  • Note: add a reminder note or a more detailed task description in this column
  • Owner(s): add person(s) who are responsible for executing this task
  • Start Date: (optional) add a Start Date for tasks that span a range of days
  • Day: this field is in days, and indicates how far before the main event this task needs to be computed. For our events, we typically begin planning 10 weeks prior to the main event
  • Deadine: this field is computed from Event Date and Day

Feel free to open the Google Sheets (which is “read-only”), make a copy and adjust it for your event.

We encourage you to adjust the spreadsheet according to your event needs.

Planning Document with Timelines

Google Sheets Example: Event Planning with Timelines


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