Meet Tiffany, a Tech Career Coach

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Meet Tiffany Dedeaux, a data science and tech career coach. Learn more about her journey into coaching and how she may support your professional journey and help you navigate your career path.

  1. Tell us about yourself.

    I am a Career Coach that specializes in the tech sector because I am a forward-focused professional that thrives in creative environments that foster innovation. Having settled in the Greater Seattle Area I have loved travelling to support web developers and data scientists across the west coast from Seattle and Portland to San Fran and Los Angeles.

    After I completed a software training contract in Australia, I came back to give presentations at Microsoft, got my Masters in Psychology, and completed coach training. Some 10 years later after launching my second company, Sacred Time, I am looking to not just help tech professionals find their next role but to have a greater impact in whatever they choose to do.

    I think tech is not a thing you do but a way of life. Being the type that was born to create, I forgot that I learned to code HTML until I jumped into my first tech bootcamp and started building the internal curriculum using this skill.

    As a coach, I am here to support you in reaching that next level even if no one else thinks it is possible. I am curious about what you want, I help you find the words to give that vision a voice, and I cheer you on as you realize you are capable of so much more and are ready to try.

  2. How does your coaching practice work?

    While I still have people who come to book a single call and then go off and get interviews or jobs, I have more and more people looking to create a greater impact in the world, so now I offer a Discovery Call where we can have a coaching conversation to see what you really want to accomplish.

    Usually, this conversation inspires ideas for the next steps. If inspired we will set up a second, Connection Call, where we will begin coaching toward your end goal. When it feels like a good fit we will partner to build a plan for how often we will coach. This can be individual, 1:1 support or you can join a set program like my job search support bootcamp, Career GPS or leadership program the Way Maker Mastermind.

    Coaching is meant to help you become self-sufficient so there will come a time when our work is done, but I am always around. I call myself Your Partner in Change, and I find that some clients return every time there is something changing in their professional lives.

  3. What can coachees expect? What’s the process? How often do you typically meet?

    For coachees the best process is one they help to create because everyone needs something different. In general, I find that it is helpful to meet at least bi-weekly to start and build momentum on a topic. I do notice that movement toward a goal generally happens within four sessions and a sustainable rhythm happens within seven.

    The key to picking a good coach is one that asks open-ended questions and allows you the space to think and be yourself. It is also important to be clear on what you need. Coaching is forward focused whereas therapy digs into what in your past might be the root cause of an issue. Additionally, a coach is more of a thought partner and a consultant is one that will tell you what to do and how to do it.

  4. Do you have resources to share with people with a limited budget?

    While the Discovery Call is free, I do also offer a monthly Career Q&A session where those who sign up can come and ask me anything about anything job search or career-related. I do answer some questions in video form, so for that, I created a YouTube channel.

  5. How can people get in touch with you?

    The best way to get in touch with me is through my LinkedIn page or through the Sacred Time website.

  6. Do you have testimonials from other coachees we can link to?

    In addition to the reviews on my LinkedIn Services page, I have begun to collect and share a series of case studies that details how I partner with clients to achieve breakthroughs.

  7. Do you have a blog / website / newsletter?

  8. When do you discuss pricing? OR how much should people budget for coaching?

    When it comes to pricing, I am finding some prefer to hear about it upfront but they are also looking for a one-and-done transaction. For those who are looking to have more of an impact in their work, are processing career trauma, or need to peel back a lot of layers to find clarity, it is better to have a couple of conversations before talking price to be sure you are truly investing in something you need.


EMPOWERING PURPOSE-DRIVEN PROFESSIONALS TO CREATE CAREER SATISFACTION. Tiffany A. Dedeaux, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), empowers purpose-driven professionals to work outside the box to find personal growth and career satisfaction. Having moved from video editing to software training, she is a cross-pollinator of ideas with a background in broadcast journalism, social psychology, and cultural transformation.

In addition to supporting tech industry leaders on the front lines of creation, innovation, and connection, Tiffany is passionate about helping rising stars to find their voice and prepare to meet every challenge. Are you ready to live your best life now? Let’s get to work!

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