Data Umbrella Year in Review


Data Umbrella was founded in December of 2019, and we are happy to have celebrated our 4th birthday! Here we are sharing our accomplishments and acknowledging all the people who made it happen.

Highlight Accomplishments


We are grateful to our esteemed speakers, the pioneers and experts who generously share their insights and expertise with our community. We also appreciate our community members for your active participation,contributions, and enthusiasm have created an environment for learning and collaboration. We had a total of 23 talks in 2023. All these talks are available on our YouTube channel.


We have made significant progress in the timestamps project. There are only 9 timestamps left!

PyMC Sprint & Study Groups

We had a total of 8 PyMC study group sessions in 2023 and completed the 12 PyMC study group sessions. Take a look at the Study Sessions Report on our blog.

We also had a successful PyMC sprint in March 2023. We would like to appreciate Sandra Meneses & Oriol Abril Pla for setting up the Spanish translation of the sprint website.

Community Partnerships

We are proud to have partnered with PyGotham, PyData Global, PyLadiesCon, NODES 2023, All ThingsOpen, WIA conference, and Diversify Tech. Looking forward to awesome community partnerships in 2024.


We are proud of our new and improved website! We hope you enjoy it.



We reached 3,000 subscribers on YouTube!


Our Meetup membership grew to:


CZI (Chan Zuckerberg Initiative) and Google Open Source have been our sponsors for 2023.

Community Contributors

Neo4j, has been a significant contributor to our community.

We also received great support from our contributors on Open Collective.


Special thanks to the Data Umbrella team for keeping our community moving and growing.

Thank You

To each and every individual who has contributed to the Data Umbrella’s journey, we extend our gratitude. We are truly grateful for your support and commitment to the Data Umbrella community. Thank you for being a part of our journey!