Data Umbrella: Impact

Here, we share and celebrate the impact that Data Umbrella has had in the data science community.

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Juan Martín Loyola: Joins scikit-learn Triage Team

Juan Martín Loyola joined the Data Umbrella Latin America sprint in June 2021, and he was an invited contributor to the Data Umbrella Africa and Middle East sprint in October 2021. In this interview, learn more about Juan Martín’s journey in open source. From a computer user to first contributing to PyMC, then Google Summer of Code, Data Umbrella’s Latin America #ScikitLearnSprint, to Triage Team member with scikit-learn.

Amanda Dsouza: Contribution to scikit-learn

In this open source contribution, Amanda is one of the contributors to deprecate the sklearn.datasets.load_boston function. The design of this dataset casually assumes that people prefer to buy housing in racially segregated neighborhoods.

Maren Westerman: Contribution to scikit-learn