Review of the Data Umbrella Scikit-learn Online Sprint June 2020

Author: Maren Westerman

On 6 June 2020 I took part in an open source sprint organised by Reshama Shaikh of Data Umbrella and NYC PyLadies. The aim of the sprint was to help people from underrepresented groups in tech to contribute to the open source machine learning library scikit-learn and with that to also generally help people to contribute to open source projects.

The sprint was planned to be held in New York, however due to the Corona pandemic the decision had been made to turn it into an online event. This opened up the opportunity for people to participate remotely and in total 42 people from 10 countries and 5 continents (Africa, North and South Americas, Asia, and Europe) joined the sprint.

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Maren Westerman: Review of the Data Umbrella scikit-learn Online Sprint — June 2020