Data Umbrella PyMC 2023 Open Source Report

Author: Reshama Shaikh

Key Information

High Level Summary

Number of participants who:

  • Registered: 19
  • Attended: 9 (4 women; 5 men)
  • Mentors: 6 (3 women; 3 men)
  • Countries represented: 9
Group Number of People Gender Country
Data Umbrella 2 (Beryl, Sangam) W, M Kenya, India
Data Umbrella & PyMC 2 (Reshama, Sandra) W, W USA, Germany
PyMC 2 (Oriol, Christian) M, M Spain, USA
Community Members 9 5M, 4W USA (5), Canada, France, Ghana, Nigeria


The PyMC open source working session was organized by Data Umbrella to increase the participation of underrepresented persons in open source, python and data science.

Event Sponsors

This event was supported by:

Pull Requests Submitted

Add contributor info to event website

  1. @symeneses, @alporter08 pymc-data-umbrella PR#219 (merged)
  2. @reshamas, @vsaitejaswie pymc-data-umbrella PR#221 (merged)
  3. @SangamSwadiK, @iykat pymc-data-umbrella PR#224 (merged)

Doc / Code contributions

  1. @SangamSwadiK, @iykat pymc PR#6635 (merged)
  2. @symeneses, @alporter08 pymc PR#6638 (merged)
  3. @BerylKanali, @Monsurat-Onabajo pymc-examples PR#538 (merged)
  4. @iykat pymc PR#6635 (open)
  5. @daniel-saunders-phil [pymc PR#6609]( (open) joined April 2023 study group

Resources Created for the Sprint


  • Ben Meares of the PyMC Team set up a Gitpod container for the pymc repository.
  • Sangam SwadiK tested the Gitpod container.
  • Reshama Shaikh wrote up instructions, Using Gitpot to Contribute to PyMC.
  • Reshama Shaikh created a video on How to Contribute to PyMC Using Gitpod.

Website Translations

  • Oriol Abril Pla and Sandra Yojana Meneses worked together to set up the event website so it could be translated using the platform Transifex.
  • Reshama Shaikh wrote up Language Instructions so contributors could submit translations using Transifex.

Website Translators

We would like to thank all the community members who contributed to translating the website to Spanish or Portuguese:

  • Sandra Yojana Meneses
  • Cristina Mulas Lopez
  • Ariel Silvio Norberto Ramos
  • Alberto Mario Ceballos-Arroyo
  • Jose Rafael Camejo
  • Juliana Almeida
  • Cristián Maureira-Fredes
  • Anavelyz Perez
  • César Herrera
  • Barbara Graniello Batlle
  • Cristina Zenteno
  • Leonardo Gomez

Pair Programming

Participants worked in pairs. We paired experienced contributors with new contributors.

Event Info

  • No participants joined from Latin America, though ~10 people from Latin American did register for the event.
  • We expect that the website translations, particularly in Spanish, will be beneficial for the community, even after this event.

What’s Next: Maintaining the Momentum

We have already seen a few event participants continue to contribute after the event.

We hope to maintain the momentum by holding casual monthly “study groups” on Discord to continue contributing to PyMC.

Social Media Promotion

Below are some of the social media announcements on the open source working sessions.

Twitter (English)

LinkedIn (English)

LinkedIn announcement


We thank the Data Umbrella & PyMC organizers who created the website, created event documents, conducted outreach, marketing and so much more!

  • Reshama Shaikh
  • Beryl Kanali
  • Sandra Meneses
  • Cristina Mulas Lopez
  • Christian Luhmann
  • Oriol Abril Pla
  • Sangam SwadiK



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